lunedì 17 febbraio 2014

10 songs

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow
Fabrizio de Andrè - Re Carlo (King Carlo)
Tiziano Ferro - Rosso Relativo
Fedez - Anthem
Salmo - Yoko-Ono
Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
Salmo - Killer Game
Bassi Maestro - Foto Di Gruppo (Group Photo)
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Michel Fugain - Une Belle Historie (A Beautiful Story)

Here is a list of ten songs that define me and that I like the most.
First of all let's start by saying that these songs are the ones that changed, you know the ones that after you've listened to them change your life maybe in a little or bigger way.

1. The first one is Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Pepper, I discovered this song when I was very young and it has been with me till now.
Probably the English song that I love more because is the first song that I could ever understand in a foreign language and I really like the base and the lyrics. This has always and will always be my favourite alternative rock song because of it's slow flow and capturing meaning.

2. The second one is Crazy by Gnarl Barkley that made me love English music when I couldn't even understand the language, in fact I was only 9 when I listened to it for the first time.
What I love about this song is the way is sung and the music itself in fact I love songs that have this kind of flow that is almost hypnotic, I like the R&B a lot even if it’s not what I usually listen to.

3. Third in the list is the song made by Tiziano Ferro, Rosso Relativo (Relative Red), this is an Italian old pop song that I used to listen with my father and his family while we were travelling by car or just going to school.
This love song take back so many good memories and I also like the song lyrics.  

4.  Michel Fugain - Une Belle Historie (A Beautiful Story), This song is my favourite French song, it talks about a summer affair that finished when the two of them had to return to their home.
It’s a sad song but I like it because it represents how in sadness you can find happiness and vice versa, it’s like yin and yang and I think this also represents me because I also have some aspects of my character that are opposed but however both present.

    5.  Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become, this song represents me because I feel like I’m angry and I want to calm down by listening to music.
I also use it when I want to charge my spirit before something important and if I feel particularly sad, it helps me to focus and forget everything bad that happened to me in that moment.

    6.  Salmo - Yoko-Ono, this is the first I’ve listened of Salmo, that is my favourite rapper.
Now it’s been three years after I discovered him and I still like this song very much.
It’s a song about a murderer and how he can trick the police it hasn’t a strong meaning but it still the starting point from where I started to listen to my favourite rapper.

7.  Salmo - Killer Game, this song has nothing special hidden in the text but it represents me because the three singer talk about doing things that someone sane wouldn’t do, and that’s the same for me in fact i like to do insane stuff that nobody would do.

8.  Fedez - Anthem, a song that symbolizes me because the lyrics say that you never have to stand down and never let anybody step on you even if it’s someone powerful.
This song also encourages the ones who got bullied or defamed to stand up and fight back by any possible mean.  

9. Bassi Maestro - Foto Di Gruppo (Group Photo), this song represent because it talks about a thing that is really important for me, memories and how they fade away when friends disappear from your life or or remain carved in your memory for ever.
This represents me because I also believe that memories are something that strongly defines us.

10.  Fabrizio de Andrè - La Guerra Di Piero (Piero’s War), This songs represents me because it’s against futile wars, in fact the lyrics are about two soldiers with the same feeling but different army and while one thinks about killing him without making him suffer but the other as soon as he turns shoots.

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